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For more than 15 years, HSP is delivering signal and image processing used in field like: medical, telecommunication, military, industrial, default detection, simulator.

HSP delivers boards, modules and system software, develops applications from customer requirements.

HSP provides to our customer a huge knowledge in real time system designing. Digital Signal Processor (DSP), reconfigurable computing with gate arrays (FPGA), parallel processing to overcome the lack of power with single processor are the heart of HSP know how.

All HSP products are base on really powerful processors C4x, Sharc, C6x, and devices like Virtex FPGA.

HSP is also the representative of D.SignT. This company produces the D.Module family of DSP Computer Modules. Carefully designed to provide standardization required to save you investments in systems and peripherals.


HSP - L'edison - 43, Boulevard Vauban - 78280 Guyancourt - France

Tél : 33 130 573 113 - Fax : 33 130 804 979 - Email : info@hsp.fr