Software tools for all HSP boards :


Development tools

Code Composer Studio Texas Instruments
C Compiler, Assembly Optimizer, Linker, Simulator, Debugger, DSP/BIOS,

Visual DSP++ Analog Devices
development and debugger environnement, preemptive real time kernel

VHDL synthesis, place and route from Xilinx


Downloading DSP and FPGA from the host PC

Input/output services access through the PC

WinNT communication library to build customer PC supervisor


Initial devices setting

Communication in a multi-DSP with a static routing network

Functions to control peripheral modules (A/D, D/A, ...)


  • EYELIB : image processing
  • DSP/VECLIB : signal processing
  • STD/MATHLIB : mathematical functions
  • C-BLAS 123 : linear algebra
  • C-EISPACK : vectors computing

VHDL models for pipe line, link, dynamic memory..

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