With our double experience of user and designer of parallel architectures, we are able to assist you for your developments. Our Services include technical expertise, needs analysis and solutions setting up, taking into account your budget. We look at various standard and customized hardware and softawre solutions with you.


Our first role is to help you to analyse the today and tomorrow real needs of your application, in order to define with you the best possible architecture. We can help you to specify your application because we know the solutions that will allow you to set it up. Please don't hesitate to call us !


We make studies based on your specifications, to provide you with the best complete hardware and software solution. Thanks to our huge experience of the parallel architectures, we can offer you a real time power range from some MegaFlops to many GigaFlops, just by extension of your system, without any modification of the software structure of your application.


You will certainely find the competences you need among our high-level engineers team, to quickly carry your project through to a successful conclusion.

HSP puts at your disposal experienced engineers, in the folowing fields :


Image or signal processing algorithms writing or optimization,

Algorithms porting on DSP (C4x, C6x, C80 or SHARC) or on FPGA,

DSP algorithms parallelisation, use of real time OS,

Customized hardware or software developments,

Project management ...


Please Contact us to know the availability of our Engineers or to get more information on their competences.

Tél : 33 130 573 113 - Fax : 33 130 804 979